I love items. A web service that lists items like a game RPG.

You can register and organize items. You can see comments such as why I have it and why I don't have it now!

If you create an account, you can register items and manage the item list!

What you can do with this site

Item list

You can manage what you have and what you want as a list. You can also share that list by making it public. Please try to make various lists.

Item link Collection

Items have a lot of information. For example, there are reviews, comments such as reasons for wanting the item, official links of the item, Twitter search links, related links, and tag information such as the item's characteristics such as performance.

Search for items

ItemList has various search methods. Search by item name, search by tag, search by manufacturer, and more. In particular, tags can be searched as related tags, and some tags also have information such as the meaning of the tag. Please use it as a reference when purchasing items.